Week 9 – Bible and Science

Week 9 – Bible and Science

Week 9 – What Does the Bible Teach About Science?

There are too many people who believe that the Bible and Science are opposed to one another. Occasionally, there are people inside the church who agree that you must believe in one or the other.

Yet, an honest look at the Bible and history shows that Christians are the most scientifically minded people. We believe that God created the world, and because it is made by a God of order, the world has an order that we can study and understand.

Science and faith do not oppose each other. God created the world to point to his glory. Which means that for Christians, the study of science is an act of worship to the Creator.

There is a segment of scientists who attempt to use science to disprove God, but as we will see, they are not very faithful to the truth of science.


Science Supports God

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The Flood

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Debunking Darwin


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