Discovery – Week 3

Discovery – Week 3

Week 3 – Why Should I Trust the Bible?

One of the central parts of Christianity is the Bible. Without a solid foundation of truth, how can we know what to believe? The good news about the “Good News” is that it is the only perfectly reliable and fully satisfying source of truth.

Many books have been written to help us trust the Good Book. There are way more reasons to believe than you can remember. Find a few compelling reasons you won’t forget, so that you can explain to your friends when they ask.

  • [Watch] A great animated presentation (8:30)
  • [Read or Watch] basic introduction (5:01)
  • [Watch] Five Reasons to trust the Gospels (28:00)

Who Wrote the Bible?

  • [Read] a simple explanation of God’s involvement in creation of the Bible.

  • [Read or listen] includes list of human writers involved writing God’s Word (11:27)
  • [Watch] a quick illustration of how Bible is written by both people and God (3:30)

How to Explain the Entire Bible in Four Stages

  • [Read or Watch] Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration (4:44)

Isn’t the Bible a Knock-off of Other Religions?

  • [Watch] “Horus Ruins Christmas” (5:06) – FUNNY

Does the Bible Have Errors?

  • [Read] – answering common objections

  • [Watch] an awesome, fast speaking video to debunk the idea that the bible has errors (3:07)
  • [Watch] Full movie (1:51:48)

Why Should I Obey the Bible?

  • [Read] useful verses

  • [Read] “What does the Bible say about obedience?”

Are Other Spiritual Books Equal to the Bible?

  • [Watch] “The Bible is Sufficient” (5:04)

  • [Read] A longer essay on why the Bible is enough.

Who Decided Which Books Went In the Bible?

  • [Read or Watch] “Who chose the Bible’s Contents? (2:32)
  • [Watch] “Five Misconceptions about the Origins of the New Testament” (35:56)

Why Are There So Many Bible Translations?

  • [Watch] Why are there so many translations and which is the best? (2:43)

  • [Watch] Is our Bible a translation of a translation of a translation…? (3:25)